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Who we are:

Sticks and Leaves, LLC is a woman owned and operated publishing company that is dedicated to supporting inspirational and motivational literature that inspires change.


This company was started with the goal of “giving a voice” to those who are often marginalized and silenced in society. The mission of this company is support new and existing authors in their quest to provide quality written work that entertains and inspires the reader yet generates an awareness of the human condition with the goal of motivating understanding and stimulating social change.


Sticks and Leaves believes that there is power in the written word, especially when the narrative allows the reader to gain insight into a world that is new and unfamiliar to them. This type of exposure often brings out the best of humanity.


As a community conscious organization, Sticks and Leaves, LLC is committed to donating a portion of all proceeds from each book to the favorite charity of each author.


As a new business, this company has funded its first novel this past year. This publication takes the reader through the difficult path of a man who has become recently disabled. Following the journey through 17 major surgeries that end in the loss of a leg. It reveals the physical and emotional trauma of disability so that others can feel and understand this experience firsthand through the writer’s voice.

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